plutus-ledger-api- Interface to the Plutus ledger for the Cardano ledger.
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred




toMCostModelCostModel CekMachineCosts BuiltinCostModelMCostModel Source #

A helper function to lift to a "full" MCostModel, by mapping *all* of its fields to Just. The fields can be later on cleared, by assigning them to Nothing.

extractCostModelParamsLedgerOrder ∷ (IsParamName p, Ord p) ⇒ MCostModelMaybe (Map p Int64) Source #

A variant of extractCostModelParams to make a mapping of params not in alphabetical order, but in the ParamName order, i.e. the order expected by the ledger.

Here, overconstrained to MCostModel, but it could also work with `CostModel mcosts bcosts`.