plutus-core- Language library for Plutus Core
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred




builtinFunctionParser DefaultFun Source #

Parser for builtin functions. Atm the parser can only parse DefaultFun.

conIntegerParser Integer Source #

Parser for integer constants.

hexByteParser Word8 Source #

Parser for a pair of hex digits to a Word8.

conBSParser ByteString Source #

Parser for bytestring constants. They start with "#".

conTextParser Text Source #

Parser for string constants (wrapped in double quotes). Note that Data.Text.pack "performs replacement on invalid scalar values", which means that Unicode surrogate code points (corresponding to integers in the range 0xD800-0xDFFF) are converted to the Unicode replacement character U+FFFD (decimal 65533). Thus `(con string "XxD800Z")` parses to a Text object whose second character is U+FFFD.

conUnitParser () Source #

Parser for unit.

conBoolParser Bool Source #

Parser for bool.

conListDefaultUni (Esc a) → Parser [a] Source #

Parser for lists.

conPairDefaultUni (Esc a) → DefaultUni (Esc b) → Parser (a, b) Source #

Parser for pairs.

con0xBSParser ByteString Source #

constantOfExpectParensDefaultUni (Esc a) → Parser a Source #

Parser for constants of the given type.

constantParser (Some (ValueOf DefaultUni)) Source #

Parser of constants whose type is in DefaultUni.