plutus-core- Language library for Plutus Core
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred




class PrintBudgetState cost Source #

Minimal complete definition


getInputInputIO Text Source #

getPlcExamplesIO [(ExampleName, SomeExample)] Source #

Get available typed examples.

getPrintMethodPrettyPlc a ⇒ PrintMode → a → Doc ann Source #

getUplcExamplesIO [(ExampleName, SomeExample)] Source #

Get available untyped examples. Currently the untyped examples are obtained by erasing typed ones, but it might be useful to have some untyped ones that can't be obtained by erasure.

helpText Source #



Either "Untyped Plutus Core" or "Typed Plutus Core"


loadASTfromFlat ∷ (ProgramLike p, Flat ann) ⇒ AstNameTypeInputIO (p ann) Source #

Read and deserialise a Flat-encoded AST

parseInput Source #


∷ (ProgramLike p, Rename (p SrcSpan)) 

The source program

IO (Text, p SrcSpan)

The output is a program with annotation

Read and parse and check the program for UniqueError's.

parseNamedProgram ∷ ProgramLike p ⇒ String → Text → Either ParserErrorBundle (p SrcSpan) Source #

Parse a program. The first argument (normally the file path) describes the input stream, the second is the program text.

readProgram ∷ ∀ p. (ProgramLike p, Functor p, Rename (p SrcSpan)) ⇒ FormatInputIO (p SrcSpan) Source #

runConvert ∷ ∀ (p ∷ TypeType). (ProgramLike p, Functor p, Rename (p SrcSpan), PrettyBy PrettyConfigPlc (p SrcSpan)) ⇒ ConvertOptionsIO () Source #

Convert between textual and FLAT representations.

runPrint ∷ ∀ p. (ProgramLike p, Rename (p SrcSpan), PrettyBy PrettyConfigPlc (p SrcSpan)) ⇒ PrintOptionsIO () Source #

runPrintExampleIO [(ExampleName, SomeExample)] → ExampleOptionsIO () Source #

topSrcSpanSrcSpan Source #

A made-up SrcSpan since there's no source locations in Flat.

writeFlat ∷ (ProgramLike p, Functor p) ⇒ OutputAstNameType → p ann → IO () Source #

writeProgram ∷ (ProgramLike p, Functor p, PrettyBy PrettyConfigPlc (p ann)) ⇒ OutputFormatPrintMode → p ann → IO () Source #