plutus-core- Language library for Plutus Core
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This module assigns types to built-ins. See the plutusplutus-coredocs/Constant article for how this emerged.



class Typeable (a ∷ k) Source #

The class Typeable allows a concrete representation of a type to be calculated.

Minimal complete definition


data TypeScheme val (args ∷ [Type]) res where Source #

The type of type schemes of built-in functions. args is a list of types of arguments, res is the resulting type. E.g. Text -> Bool -> Integer is encoded as TypeScheme val [Text, Bool] Integer.


TypeSchemeResult ∷ (Typeable res, KnownTypeAst TyName (UniOf val) res, MakeKnown val res) ⇒ TypeScheme val '[] res 
TypeSchemeArrow ∷ (Typeable arg, KnownTypeAst TyName (UniOf val) arg, MakeKnown val arg, ReadKnown val arg) ⇒ TypeScheme val args res → TypeScheme val (arg ': args) res infixr 9 
TypeSchemeAll ∷ (KnownSymbol text, KnownNat uniq, KnownKind kind) ⇒ Proxy '(text, uniq, kind) → TypeScheme val args res → TypeScheme val args res 

argProxyTypeScheme val (arg ': args) res → Proxy arg Source #

typeSchemeToTypeTypeScheme val args res → Type TyName (UniOf val) () Source #

Convert a TypeScheme to the corresponding Kind.