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Architectural decision records

We document our architectural and design decisions for all of our components. To do that, there is a practice called architectural decision records (ADR), that we can integrate into our workflow. An ADR is a document that captures an important architectural decision made along with its context and consequences.

The goals are:

  • Making decisions transparent to internal/external stakeholders and contributors
  • Getting feedback on decisions that we're about to make or have made
  • Providing external contributors with a framework to propose architectural changes
  • Providing a big picture of all major decisions that were made.

The general process for creating an ADR is:

  1. Cloning the repository
  2. Creating a new file with the format: [<ADR_NUMBER\>-<TITLE>.md] in the directory [doc/adr]
  3. Adding the ADR in the table of contents tree of the documentation
  4. Committing and pushing to the repository.